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Welcome to Greenstat Hydrogen!

We are a key player in Sri Lanka’s renewable energy landscape, dedicated to shaping a sustainable, prosperous, and green future. At Greenstat, our passion for sustainable energy goes beyond business interests. We are deeply committed to environmental preservation and innovation.

Our journey began in February 2022 when we were honored to become the sole technology partner of the Sri Lankan Government through a partnership with the Petroleum Development Authority of Sri Lanka (PDASL). This collaborative agreement, founded on mutual trust and a shared vision, set the stage for a sustainable energy revolution in Sri Lanka.

A significant milestone in our journey occurred in December 2022 when a Presidential note to the cabinet mandated that all green hydrogen work be conducted through or with Greenstat and PDASL. This directive further solidified our role as a key player in Sri Lanka’s transition to a green hydrogen economy, bolstering our efforts and affirming our unwavering commitment to this crucial mission.

As an equity-driven company, Greenstat invests in and operates hydrogen and renewable energy infrastructure. We recognize the value of strategic partnerships, which is why we have joined forces with key private sector entities in Sri Lanka. Together, we are formulating innovative pilot projects scheduled for execution in 2024, paving the way for a greener future.

One particularly exciting aspect of our work involves harnessing Sri Lanka’s offshore wind potential, a resource that surpasses the country’s energy needs. Acknowledging this untapped potential, we are closely collaborating with PDASL to strategize and implement an offshore hydrogen commercialization strategy. This initiative aims to convert abundant wind power into green hydrogen for export, marking a significant stride towards Sri Lanka’s sustainable energy goals.

Our dedication to developing a national feasibility study and formulating a national hydrogen roadmap has placed us at the forefront of this sustainable energy transformation. We take pride in leading these initiatives, ensuring that the expertise necessary for this ambitious endeavor is nurtured and retained in Sri Lanka.

We extend our gratitude for the support and collaboration of the Sri Lankan Government, PDASL, our private sector partners, and the wider Sri Lankan community. Together, we are driving towards a sustainable, prosperous, and green Sri Lanka.

Join us on this remarkable journey towards a greener future with Greenstat Hydrogen.

By bringing together the world’s foremost expertise, skills and technology in the hydrogen industry, we will help to identify and concretize projects that scales up energy transformation in Sri Lanka.

The time is right to tap into hydrogen’s potential to play a key role in tackling critical energy challenges. The recent successes of renewable energy technologies and electric vehicles have shown that policy and technology innovation have the power to build global clean energy industries.

Between Sri Lanka and Norway You might encounter the terms ‘grey’, ‘blue’, ‘green’ being associated when describing hydrogen technologies. It all comes down to the way it is produced.

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The Greenstat Group have a strong and increasing focus on the international hydrogen market and on the Indian market in particular. We are well positioned in India through strategic partnership and MOU’s with several companies and regions.

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