Greenstat Hydrogen Sri Lanka is embarking on a significant project aimed at conducting a comprehensive feasibility study on the applications and adoptability of Green Hydrogen in Sri Lanka. This study is aligned with the objectives outlined in the National Hydrogen Roadmap and serves as a crucial step towards realizing Sri Lanka’s sustainable energy goals.

The National Feasibility Study conducted by Greenstat will encompass various essential aspects of hydrogen implementation, ensuring a holistic understanding of the potential of Green Hydrogen in Sri Lanka. The study will explore social, environmental, economic, and technical dimensions, providing valuable insights into the feasibility, viability, and impact of incorporating Green Hydrogen into the country’s energy landscape.

One of the key objectives of the feasibility study is to assess the social and environmental implications of Green Hydrogen adoption. Greenstat will examine the potential benefits and challenges associated with the utilization of Green Hydrogen, including its impact on local communities, job creation, and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. The study will also address any potential environmental risks and devise mitigation strategies to ensure the safe and sustainable implementation of Green Hydrogen projects.

In addition to the social and environmental aspects, the feasibility study will thoroughly analyze the policy and regulatory landscape in Sri Lanka. Greenstat aims to identify any necessary amendments or frameworks that need to be put in place to facilitate the seamless integration of Green Hydrogen technologies. By working closely with relevant government agencies, regulatory bodies, and policymakers, Greenstat will provide recommendations for fostering an enabling environment for the development and deployment of Green Hydrogen projects.

Furthermore, the feasibility study will culminate in the identification of pilot projects that align with international safety standards. Greenstat, in collaboration with key private sector players in Sri Lanka, will execute these pilot projects. These projects will serve as practical demonstrations of the feasibility and viability of Green Hydrogen applications in various sectors, showcasing the potential of this clean energy source to drive sustainable development and economic growth in Sri Lanka.

Greenstat is proud to announce that we have received a grant from USAID in support of this initiative in Sri Lanka. This grant signifies the recognition and credibility of Greenstat’s work in the field of sustainable energy and further validates our commitment to fostering a greener future in Sri Lanka.

By conducting this comprehensive feasibility study, Greenstat Hydrogen Sri Lanka aims to provide valuable insights and recommendations that will guide the successful implementation of Green Hydrogen projects in the country. We are excited to collaborate with stakeholders and contribute to Sri Lanka’s sustainable energy transition.