We are excited to share the replay of our inaugural webinar, “Hydrogen Safety: Basics, Hazards, and Challenges,” featuring Oliver Bornholdt. With an impressive 25-year track record in Global Business Development and Hydrogen Safety at Dräger, Oliver is a recognized authority in market strategy, product management, and innovative solutions. He is a passionate advocate for industry safety, specializing in Digital Transformation and emerging technologies like Hydrogen & Ammonia Safety.

Webinar Highlights:

When it comes to Hydrogen safety “We have to TRUST the TECHNOLOGY”.

Explore Fundamental Safety Principles:

  • Delve into the foundational concepts of hydrogen safety.
  • Understand the potential hazards and risks associated with hydrogen use and storage.
  • Learn about essential safety protocols and best practices.

Gain Valuable Insights:

  • Acquire a comprehensive understanding of the importance of safety in the hydrogen industry.
  • Tap into Oliver Bornholdt’s extensive experience in Business Development, Market Strategy, and Safety Advocacy.
  • Benefit from his dedicated focus on topics like Digital Transformation and New Technologies in safety.

Watch the Replay:

Missed the live session? Don’t worry! Access the full recording of the webinar on our YouTube channel. Enhance your understanding of hydrogen safety by watching the replay today.


Watch the full webinar replay now and delve into the latest trends and technologies in hydrogen with us!