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Webinar Replay Now Available: Green Hydrogen Storage Solutions – The Role of Advanced Materials

We are excited to announce that the replay of our recent webinar, “Green Hydrogen Storage Solutions: The Role of Advanced Materials,” is now available. If you missed this insightful session, now is your chance to catch up on the latest advancements in hydrogen storage technology.

🎙️ About the Webinar:

In this exclusive webinar, Dr. Maryam Ghadrdan, a leading expert in the field, delves into cutting-edge developments in hydrogen storage technology. With over a decade of experience in energy solutions, including CO2 capture, hydrogen, and energy storage, and currently leading PLANCK Technologies, Dr. Maryam provides invaluable insights into innovative energy storage materials and their potential impact on sustainable energy solutions.

Webinar Highlights:

  • Innovative Energy Storage Materials: Learn how PLANCK Technologies is driving advancements in sustainable energy through their pioneering work.
  • Expert Insights: Gain knowledge from Dr. Maryam Ghadrdan’s extensive experience and leadership in hydrogen storage and energy solutions.

Watch the Replay:

Missed the live session? Don’t worry! Access the full recording of the webinar on our YouTube channel.


June 2, 2024
Green Hydrogen Symposium

Sri Lanka Green Hydrogen Symposium 2023

Rewind to the Green Hydrogen Symposium, a pivotal event held on November 21st at Shangri-la Colombo!  Embracing innovation and sustainability, thought leaders gathered to explore the transformative potential of green hydrogen in Sri Lanka’s energy landscape. From envisioning a cleaner tomorrow to laying down the groundwork for a greener future, this symposium ignited conversations and collaborations aimed at shaping a more sustainable path forward.  Watch as experts delve into the power of green hydrogen and its promise in building a brighter, eco-friendly tomorrow for Sri Lanka and beyond!

May 10, 2024
ADB-ISA Hosted Certified Training on Green Hydrogen

Driving the Green Hydrogen Revolution: ADB-ISA Certified Training for Sustainable Energy Futures

Join us for an exclusive ADB-ISA Certified Training on Green Hydrogen, a collaborative effort with the University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka, and Greenstat, Norway.

This pioneering program aims to equip stakeholders with essential knowledge and skills for safe GH2 production, storage, transportation, and application. Dive deep into GH2 properties, production technologies, safety regulations, and best practices. Be part of the green energy movement shaping tomorrow’s sustainable world.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to drive the green hydrogen revolution!



Green Hydrogen (GH2) has been recognized as a pathway to deep decarbonization, particularly in hard-to-abate sectors. Several governments have announced GH2 policies, strategies, and targets. In addition, many global multilateral and private sector organizations have recognized GH2 in their near-to-midterm strategies. Although this emerging technology is gaining traction across industries, it faces certain challenges including, but not limited to, shortage of specialized manpower, high operational costs, lack of knowledge, underdeveloped infrastructure, absence of dedicated policy for GH2 and limited access to affordable financing. Interventions such as increased investment, government support, engineering development and skilled workforce development, are some of the critical levers for accelerating a smooth transition to GH2 economy.


ISA under the G20 India Presidency has created a virtual Green Hydrogen Innovation Centre (GHIC; that will support the production, utilization, and trade of green hydrogen, besides providing a platform for knowledge sharing and building competency across the GH2 value chain. The GHIC will also provide opportunities to incubate Start-Ups, provide certified trainings, and host Expert Working Groups to support the scale-up of the green hydrogen ecosystem in member countries. This AI-integrated platform will serve as a dynamic One-Stop Gateway to provide access to the GH2 knowledge repository, country insights, developments in hydrogen space, global initiatives and missions, skill development, and community engagement.


The GHIC platform was launched at the Energy Transitions Ministerial Meeting (ETMM), under the G20 India Presidency in July 2023, and subsequently, was included in the G20 Leaders’ Summit Declaration in September 2023.


ISA is being supported by the Asian Development Bank (ADB), under ADB’s Knowledge and Support Technical Assistance, in developing this Knowledge Platform.


Goal and Objective of the training programme:

The goal of this capacity building program is to help the stakeholders with the necessary knowledge and skills for the safe production, storage, transportation, and end application of GH2. The objective is to ensure compliance with current regulations, policies, safety standards, and certification procedures while promoting best practices in handling GH2 and compressed and liquid gases.

The program will cover the relevant aspects of GH2 production, storage, and transportation, including:

  1. Understanding the properties and characteristics of GH2.
  2. Overview of GH2 production technologies (electrolysis etc.).
  3. Safety protocols and risk management in GH2 handling.
  4. Regulatory frameworks, policies, and international standards related to GH2.
  5. Testing, inspection, and certification procedures for GH2 equipment and facilities.
  6. Best practices for GH2 storage, transportation, and end application.


The program will consist of training sessions covering the following topics:

  1. GH2 Properties and Characteristics.
  2. GH2 Production Technologies and Processes.
  3. Safety Regulations and Compliance.
  4. GH2 Storage and Transportation Procedures.
  5. End Application in Filling Stations and Emergency Response.
  6. Maintenance Procedures and Inspections.
  7. Disaster Control Management and Crisis Response.
  8. Certification and Testing Standards.
  9. Best Practices and Case Studies.

It is to be noted that the proposed workshop is first in the series of ISA-ADB Training workshops. The subsequent workshops planned later this year will cover advance training including topics mentioned below:

  • Use of VR and AR Programs: Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) programs will be incorporated to provide immersive training experiences. These technologies will simulate real-life scenarios, allowing participants to:
  1. Practice emergency response procedures in simulated GH2 incidents.
  2. Explore virtual GH2 production plants, storage facilities, and transportation systems.
  3. Conduct virtual inspections and maintenance tasks on GH2 equipment.
  4. Navigate regulatory and policy frameworks through interactive modules.
    • Physical Training Site: At the pilot training site, the following physical components will be included to familiarize operators, key personnel, and others with GH2 facilities:
    1. GH2 production unit (electrolyzer) with operational demonstration capabilities.
    2. GH2 storage tanks with safety features and emergency shutdown systems.
    3. GH2 transportation vehicles (trucks, trailers) for hands-on training in loading/unloading procedures.
    4. Filling station for GH2 with safety protocols for refueling vehicles and equipment.
    5. Training rooms equipped with VR/AR stations for interactive learning sessions.
    6. Safety equipment such as personal protective gear, gas detectors, and emergency response kits.


    By implementing this comprehensive capacity building program, participants will gain the necessary expertise to handle GH2 safely and efficiently across various sectors. This program aims to promote a culture of safety, regulatory compliance, and best practices in the production, storage, transportation, and utilization of GH2 and related gases.


May 6, 2024
Webinar Replay: Hydrogen Safety: Basics, Hazards and Challenges

We are excited to share the replay of our inaugural webinar, “Hydrogen Safety: Basics, Hazards, and Challenges,” featuring Oliver Bornholdt. With an impressive 25-year track record in Global Business Development and Hydrogen Safety at Dräger, Oliver is a recognized authority in market strategy, product management, and innovative solutions. He is a passionate advocate for industry safety, specializing in Digital Transformation and emerging technologies like Hydrogen & Ammonia Safety.

Webinar Highlights:

When it comes to Hydrogen safety “We have to TRUST the TECHNOLOGY”.

Explore Fundamental Safety Principles:

  • Delve into the foundational concepts of hydrogen safety.
  • Understand the potential hazards and risks associated with hydrogen use and storage.
  • Learn about essential safety protocols and best practices.

Gain Valuable Insights:

  • Acquire a comprehensive understanding of the importance of safety in the hydrogen industry.
  • Tap into Oliver Bornholdt’s extensive experience in Business Development, Market Strategy, and Safety Advocacy.
  • Benefit from his dedicated focus on topics like Digital Transformation and New Technologies in safety.

Watch the Replay:

Missed the live session? Don’t worry! Access the full recording of the webinar on our YouTube channel. Enhance your understanding of hydrogen safety by watching the replay today.


Watch the full webinar replay now and delve into the latest trends and technologies in hydrogen with us!

April 12, 2024