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Lanka IOC

Greenstat Hydrogen is pleased to announce its partnership with Lanka IOC PLC, the only private sector company in Sri Lanka with a fuel distribution license. The two companies have recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) and framework agreement, aiming to drive integration of renewable energy, green hydrogen, and its derivatives in the Sri Lankan energy landscape.

This landmark partnership between Greenstat Hydrogen and Lanka IOC marks one of the first hydrogen development programs in Sri Lanka. By joining forces, the collaboration aims to facilitate cross value chain technology transfer in green hydrogen production and downstream fuel operations. This initiative represents a significant step towards decarbonization and enhanced energy security in Sri Lanka.

Greenstat Hydrogen recognizes the tremendous potential of this partnership to set the standards for hydrogen adoption in the country. With Lanka IOC’s extensive operational expertise and market footprint in fuel distribution, combined with Greenstat’s experience in the hydrogen and renewables value chain, the collaboration holds promise for a sustainable energy future in Sri Lanka.

The joint efforts of Greenstat and Lanka IOC will focus on assessing opportunities in the downstream transport sector, including the adoption of green hydrogen in transportation, as well as the development of bunkering and supply solutions for green maritime and aviation fuels.

Lanka IOC PLC, a subsidiary of Indian Oil Corporation, operates retail petrol and diesel stations across Sri Lanka through an island-wide distribution network of 211 retail outlets. With its headquarters located in Colombo City, Lanka IOC is a key player in Sri Lanka’s private sector fuel retail industry.

Greenstat Hydrogen (Pvt) Ltd, a subsidiary of the Norwegian energy company Greenstat ASA, specializes in green energy and technology solutions, with a strong focus on green hydrogen, solar, wind, and zero-emission maritime solutions. The Greenstat Group’s vision, “Making Green Happen,” is dedicated to developing and operating sustainable energy and technology projects and investing in companies that contribute to a greener future. Leveraging its expertise in hydrogen, Greenstat is committed to driving the transition from fossil to renewable energy sources with zero emissions.

The partnership between Greenstat Hydrogen and Lanka IOC represents a major stride towards sustainable energy solutions and signifies a strong commitment to a low-carbon and environmentally conscious future for Sri Lanka. Both companies look forward to leveraging their strengths to accelerate the adoption of green hydrogen and renewable energy technologies in the country.

Paul Seae
July 26, 2023
Lanka Ashok Leyland

Colombo, Sri Lanka – Greenstat is excited to announce a groundbreaking collaboration with Lanka Ashok Leyland to embark on a journey towards a greener, sustainable future. The parties have come together to set the scope of cooperation and establish a pilot project that aims to revolutionize the transport sector in Sri Lanka through the production and utilization of Green Hydrogen power.
The scope of cooperation between Greenstat Hydrogen Sri Lanka and Lanka Ashok Leyland includes the following key initiatives:

  1. Conducting Feasibility Study and Pilot Projects:
    The collaboration will kick off with a comprehensive feasibility study to assess the viability and potential of introducing Green Hydrogen Buses and Trucks in Sri Lanka. The study will estimate GHG emissions in the transport sector, select the appropriate technology for fuel cell conversion, identify Hydrogen Transport Corridors, and determine the required infrastructure for Green Hydrogen filling stations. Additionally, the study will analyze the capital and operational costs, storage and transport of Green Hydrogen, and adherence to global safety standards and policies.
  2. Production of Green Hydrogen Power:
    The project will involve the production of Green Hydrogen power from identified renewable energy supplies, including Wind, Hydro, and Solar Plants. The goal is to utilize sustainable energy sources to power the transport sector, significantly reducing carbon emissions and fostering a cleaner, more eco-friendly future.
  3.  Storage and Transport of Green Hydrogen:
    To ensure a seamless transition to Green Hydrogen-powered vehicles, the project will also focus on the storage and transport of Green Hydrogen to designated dispenser stations. This will pave the way for a reliable and efficient distribution network, promoting the widespread adoption of hydrogen-based transportation.

The pilot phase will be centered on Green Mobility solutions in the transport sector in Sri Lanka. It will encompass various aspects, including the preliminary study, feasibility analysis, and technology selection for conversion. The pilot will evaluate the performance criteria and measurement methodology post-conversion, documenting essential lessons learned and outlining a comprehensive rollout plan.

Under the leadership of Greenstat, the collaboration will involve responsibilities for sourcing and tying up the required renewable energy, capacity building in technical areas and safety, as well as the establishment of storage and hydrogen dispensing stations. Lanka Ashok Leyland, on the other hand, will provide the required number of running Buses and Trucks for the pilot, offering work areas in their factory premises, and the necessary manpower for retrofitting and modification from IC Engine to Hydrogen-powered fuel cell technology.

Together, Greenstat and Lanka Ashok Leyland will work jointly to obtain the required clearances from the government and regulatory agencies for this visionary project. The joint venture will undertake the retrofitting and modification required to convert the Buses and Trucks into Hydrogen-powered vehicles, conducting test runs and scaling up operations based on the outcomes of the pilot projects.
The collaboration holds the promise of revolutionizing the transport sector in Sri Lanka, transforming it into a cleaner, sustainable, and environment-friendly ecosystem. By embracing Green Hydrogen power, the partnership aims to make significant strides towards a zero-emission future, while simultaneously fostering growth and development in the renewable energy industry.

About Greenstat: Greenstat Hydrogen Sri Lanka Is a subsidiary and a pioneering company dedicated to driving sustainable innovation and environmentally responsible practices. We are committed to advancing the adoption of renewable energy solutions and technologies, working towards a cleaner, greener world.

About Lanka Ashik Leyland is a renowned and esteemed company in the transport sector in Sri Lanka, with a strong commitment to corporate responsibility and sustainability. By joining hands with Greenstat, they aim to spearhead the transition to Green Hydrogen power and leave a lasting positive impact on the environment.

Paul Seae
July 26, 2023
Colombo Port container terminal, Net-zero infrastructure

The feasibility study and project to develop net-zero infrastructure for the Colombo Port container terminal, in collaboration with South Asia Gateway Terminals (SAGT), is a significant and instrumental initiative. SAGT is a highly reputed container terminal operator within the Port of Colombo, recognized globally for its exceptional performance and competitive services.

Greenstat, as a leading advisor and expert in green hydrogen, has partnered with SAGT to explore collaborative opportunities in the green hydrogen value chain. This joint endeavor aims to establish an integrated approach towards energy transition within the port, focusing on decarbonization and electrification. The project aligns with the maritime sector’s goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions while simultaneously fulfilling Sri Lanka’s net-zero targets and contributing to global decarbonization efforts.
The feasibility study will involve state-of-the-art technology and sustainability standards to develop net-zero infrastructure for the Colombo Port container terminal. This comprehensive analysis will evaluate the viability and implementation strategies for integrating renewable energy solutions, such as green hydrogen, into the terminal’s operations. The study will consider various factors, including the specific requirements of the terminal, technological advancements, financial considerations, and potential challenges.

By developing net-zero infrastructure, the project aims to achieve significant reductions in carbon emissions associated with the port’s activities. This includes the electrification of port machinery and equipment, as well as the adoption of sustainable practices and technologies throughout the terminal’s operations. The ultimate goal is to create a greener and more sustainable port environment that aligns with Sri Lanka’s net-zero goals and contributes to global sustainability objectives.

The partnership between Greenstat and SAGT underscores the commitment of both organizations to drive positive change in the maritime sector and promote sustainable development. Through this feasibility study and subsequent project implementation, the Colombo Port container terminal will serve as a model for other ports in the region and globally, showcasing the potential for integrating state-of-the-art technology, sustainability standards, and renewable energy solutions to achieve net-zero operations and reduce environmental impact.

Paul Seae
July 25, 2023
India projects and People deployed to Sri Lanka
TIDCO Preliminary Evaluation Study And Pre-feasibility Study of Potential Investments Into Green Hydrogen Cluster In Tamil Nadu
JK Lakshmi Feasibility Study for a Large Cement manufacturing Unit and complete study for Scope 1 ,2 and Scope 3 Emissions and Green Hydrogen solutions for Mobility application in Phase 1
LNJ Bhilwara Feasibility Study for Solar project and Green Hydrogen production plant
ABC CT Development of Port Based Green Hydrogen Hub in Andhra Pradesh including Feasibility study and Knowledge Partner
Project 17 Development of Solar energy based Green Hydrogen Project for retail supply
Project UP Development of RE based Green Hydrogen production facility and blending into Natural Gas pipeline
Peenya Gas Development of Green Hydrogen Project based on Solar energy and supply of Gas to Retail customers
COE COE in collaboration with IIT Delhi, Sri Ram Institute and Ionian Oil Corporation
Electolyser MOUs with PSU as Knowledge Partner for manufacturing of Electrolysers in India
Kajaria Ceramics Feasibility study and Knowledge partner in Green Hydrogen Production for blending with Natural gas and use in Kilns
SAF MOU with SkyNRG an Amsterdam based Sustainable Aviation Production Company
PTC India Limited MOU with PTC India Limited for RE Aggregation and Project development


Sri Lanka – Highly experienced and dedicated green energy team- Management Team

(India and Norway team assisting Sri Lanka)

Chief Executive
Viswanath A

Graduate electrical Engineer by profession with around 40 years of experience in Operations , Strategy and execution of Large projects including RE Projects. Worked in NTPC, PTC India Ltd, Capital Fortunes Ltd, GMR Ltd, (Aviation Sector) & KPMG.

Junior Hydrogen Advisor
Prethika Murugesan

Green technologist, with experience in remediation and EHS projects, safety and risk assessment along with a diploma in business and management.
She wants to enable change and work in the renewable energy domain.

DGM –Projects & Advisory
Niketa Singh

Electrical Engineer with an MBA in Power Management .11 Years experience in Renewable Energy Projects (Wind, Solar and Pumped Hydro Storage Projects),Battery Energy Storage and other Low carbon emission technologies. She has experience in Project development and Investment Banking

R&D Coordinator & Project Manager Hydrogen, Asia
Oda Marie Ellefsen

She holds an MSc in Materials Science from NTNU in Trondheim. She has specialized in functional materials for energy technologies and advanced ceramic materials. With a background from corporate R&D as project manager, she now coordinates the Greenstat RD&I portfolio along with hydrogen projects in India and Sri Lanka

Industries/ Organizations 

Feasibility Studies

BOO Projects


National Hydrogen Roadmap

Greenstat Hydrogen Sri Lanka has developed the National Hydrogen Roadmap for Sri Lanka in close collaboration with the Petroleum Development Authority of Sri Lanka (PDASL). Leveraging our extensive experience in policy and advisory roles gained in Norway and India, we have constructed a comprehensive roadmap that forms the foundation and framework for the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy and ultimately to a zero-emission society.

The National Hydrogen Roadmap is a strategic document that outlines the steps and actions required to enable the widespread adoption of hydrogen as a clean and sustainable energy source in Sri Lanka. It serves as a guide for policymakers, stakeholders, and industry players involved in the energy transition.

The roadmap encompasses a range of key elements and considerations, including:

  1. Policy Framework: We have identified and developed a robust policy framework that supports the integration of hydrogen technologies into the existing energy infrastructure of Sri Lanka. This framework outlines the necessary regulations, incentives, and support mechanisms required to promote the deployment and utilization of hydrogen across various sectors.
  2. Infrastructure Development: The roadmap highlights the need for developing hydrogen infrastructure, including production, storage, transportation, and distribution networks. We provide insights into the required investments, technological advancements, and collaborations necessary to establish a reliable and efficient hydrogen infrastructure across the country.
  3. Market Creation: We have analyzed market potential and identified sectors where hydrogen can have a significant impact, such as transportation, power generation, and industrial processes. The roadmap explores strategies to create a favorable market environment, including market incentives, public-private partnerships, and the development of hydrogen value chains.
  4. Research and Development: Recognizing the importance of ongoing research and development, the roadmap emphasizes the need for investment in innovation, technology development, and knowledge sharing and a COE-H It encourages collaboration between academia, industry, and research institutions to drive advancements in hydrogen technologies and their integration into Sri Lanka’s energy landscape.
  5. International Cooperation: The roadmap acknowledges the value of international cooperation in accelerating the hydrogen transition. It highlights opportunities for collaboration with global partners, knowledge exchange, and access to international best practices to ensure a successful and effective implementation of hydrogen initiatives in Sri Lanka.

Overall, the National Hydrogen Roadmap provides a clear and actionable plan for Sri Lanka’s transition to a sustainable, hydrogen-based economy. It offers guidance on policy, infrastructure, market development, research, and international collaboration, paving the way for a greener and more prosperous future.

Greenstat Hydrogen Sri Lanka is committed to driving the implementation of this roadmap and working closely with stakeholders to realize Sri Lanka’s vision of a zero-emission society.


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Greenstat Hydrogen Feasibility Study in Sri Lanka

Greenstat Hydrogen Sri Lanka is embarking on a significant project aimed at conducting a comprehensive feasibility study on the applications and adoptability of Green Hydrogen in Sri Lanka. This study is aligned with the objectives outlined in the National Hydrogen Roadmap and serves as a crucial step towards realizing Sri Lanka’s sustainable energy goals.

The National Feasibility Study conducted by Greenstat will encompass various essential aspects of hydrogen implementation, ensuring a holistic understanding of the potential of Green Hydrogen in Sri Lanka. The study will explore social, environmental, economic, and technical dimensions, providing valuable insights into the feasibility, viability, and impact of incorporating Green Hydrogen into the country’s energy landscape.

One of the key objectives of the feasibility study is to assess the social and environmental implications of Green Hydrogen adoption. Greenstat will examine the potential benefits and challenges associated with the utilization of Green Hydrogen, including its impact on local communities, job creation, and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. The study will also address any potential environmental risks and devise mitigation strategies to ensure the safe and sustainable implementation of Green Hydrogen projects.

In addition to the social and environmental aspects, the feasibility study will thoroughly analyze the policy and regulatory landscape in Sri Lanka. Greenstat aims to identify any necessary amendments or frameworks that need to be put in place to facilitate the seamless integration of Green Hydrogen technologies. By working closely with relevant government agencies, regulatory bodies, and policymakers, Greenstat will provide recommendations for fostering an enabling environment for the development and deployment of Green Hydrogen projects.

Furthermore, the feasibility study will culminate in the identification of pilot projects that align with international safety standards. Greenstat, in collaboration with key private sector players in Sri Lanka, will execute these pilot projects. These projects will serve as practical demonstrations of the feasibility and viability of Green Hydrogen applications in various sectors, showcasing the potential of this clean energy source to drive sustainable development and economic growth in Sri Lanka.

Greenstat is proud to announce that we have received a grant from USAID in support of this initiative in Sri Lanka. This grant signifies the recognition and credibility of Greenstat’s work in the field of sustainable energy and further validates our commitment to fostering a greener future in Sri Lanka.

By conducting this comprehensive feasibility study, Greenstat Hydrogen Sri Lanka aims to provide valuable insights and recommendations that will guide the successful implementation of Green Hydrogen projects in the country. We are excited to collaborate with stakeholders and contribute to Sri Lanka’s sustainable energy transition.