Green Hydrogen Symposium

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Green Hydrogen Symposium

21 November 2023
8:00 am
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Shangri la Hotel Colombo
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Green Hydrogen Symposium

Join us at the Green Hydrogen Symposium on November 21st at Shangri-la Colombo The goal of the symposium is to pave the way for a greener and more sustainable future in Sri Lanka!

The goal of the symposium is to pave the way for a greener and more sustainable future in Sri Lanka! By focusing on the development of green hydrogen infrastructure, technology transfer, and expertise, we aim to transition from fossil fuels to net-zero emissions.

The main objectives for the symposium:
1️⃣ Let's present Sri Lanka's roadmap and actionable plan for accelerating the adoption of green hydrogen and its derivatives in our energy transition journey.
2️⃣ Address challenges and seize opportunities in developing green hydrogen infrastructure.
3️⃣ Facilitate the exchange of advanced technologies and expertise in green hydrogen production, storage, and utilization.
4️⃣ Showcase Sri Lanka as an attractive investment destination for green hydrogen projects, encouraging partnerships with local and international investors.
5️⃣ Discover the economic and environmental benefits of embracing green hydrogen - from job creation to emission reduction and energy resilience.
6️⃣ Foster knowledge exchange and collaboration among industry experts, policymakers, researchers, and stakeholders.
7️⃣ Engage in fruitful discussions on integrating green hydrogen into our energy landscape, supporting affordable and reliable electricity supply for all.

We will together lay the foundation for a sustainable and prosperous future - contributing to Sri Lanka's net-zero emission targets, economic growth, and energy security.

Don't miss this opportunity to be a part of the green energy revolution! Register now and shape a brighter tomorrow!

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Sri Lanka envisions a cleaner, greener future, and this symposium serves as a crucial step towards that ambition. The goal is to transition the nation's energy landscape to be environmentally friendly, while ensuring energy security and economic prosperity. By harnessing the potential of green hydrogen, Sri Lanka aims to lead the way in mitigating climate change and reducing carbon footprints.

To achieve a carbon-free energy ecosystem, international collaboration is paramount. This symposium emphasizes the significance of collaborative efforts in scaling up green hydrogen technologies and building an international infrastructure. By forging partnerships and creating a framework of policies and standards, we can collectively work towards an effective and cost-efficient global energy solution.

The symposium will shine a spotlight on the Sri Lanka Hydrogen Roadmap, a comprehensive strategy that outlines the nation's pathway to hydrogen adoption. Through interactive discussions, participants will gain insights into the roadmap's pivotal role in propelling Sri Lanka's transition to a sustainable energy future.

One of the symposium's focal points will be the National Feasibility Study, which will be highlighted to explore viable opportunities for green hydrogen utilization. With emphasis on Sri Lanka's unique potential in the maritime and mobility sectors, attendees will discover innovative applications of green hydrogen that can transform these industries.

The symposium will also delve into the promising offshore wind potential for Sri Lanka. Experts will shed light on how this abundant renewable resource can be integrated with green hydrogen production to enhance the nation's energy security and sustainability.

Shangri la Hotel Colombo

2, 1 Colombo - Galle - Hambantota - Wellawaya Hwy, Colombo 00200 Sri Lanka

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