Lanka Ashok Leyland PLC

Greenstat are delighted to announce our partnership with Lanka Ashok Leyland (LAL), a leading bus manufacturer, as we embark on a collaborative journey to explore the vast potential of green hydrogen in the mobility sector. This partnership reflects Greenstat’s commitment to driving sustainable and clean energy solutions, particularly in the realm of transportation.

At the core of our collaboration with LAL is the operation of a hydrogen-powered bus, which serves as a pilot project for demonstrating the feasibility and environmental advantages of hydrogen as a fuel source in public transportation. This initiative is a significant milestone in our collective efforts to showcase the viability of green hydrogen and its positive impact on reducing emissions and improving air quality.

Beyond the pilot project, our partnership with LAL extends to expanding the use of domestic hydrogen in heavy goods and logistics. Together, we aim to scale up the adoption of hydrogen in these sectors, leveraging LAL’s expertise in automotive manufacturing and distribution networks. By combining our strengths and working in synergy, we are poised to accelerate the transition towards a more sustainable and greener future across various domains of mobility.

The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between Greenstat and Lanka Ashok Leyland sets the foundation for our collaboration. It outlines our shared vision and commitment to driving the adoption of green hydrogen in the mobility sector, with a particular emphasis on public transport, heavy goods, and logistics. This strategic partnership signifies our dedication to creating a cleaner and more sustainable transportation ecosystem in Sri Lanka.

Through this collaboration, Greenstat and Lanka Ashok Leyland aim to contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, improve air quality, and foster innovation in the field of sustainable mobility. We are excited to embark on this transformative journey together and look forward to the positive impact we will make in advancing the adoption of green hydrogen in the transportation sector.

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