National Science Foundation

The National Science Foundation (NSF), Sri Lanka is a state funded institution under the Ministry of Higher Education, Technology & Innovation. The NSF established in 1998 by the Science and Technology Act No.11 of 1994, as a successor to National Science Council established in 1968, which later succeeded to Natural Resources, Energy and Science Authority (NARESA). The NSF is currently one of the premier institutions engaged in promoting science and technology in Sri Lanka. The NSF performs its tasks in accordance with the functions set out in the Science and Technology Development Act.

The NSF is committed to generate knowledge, dissemination and transfer of knowledge and, more importantly, to ensure the effective utilization of knowledge, for the greater benefit of the people of Sri Lanka through funding research and technologies of national interest. The NSF supports and embraces, research in all fields of fundamental and applied sciences as well as in the social sciences.

NSF is also engaged in popularizing science at all levels of the community including indexed journals, science popularization programs among school children, science, technology and innovation-related grant schemes, and many other publications, as well as knowledge sharing through National Science Library and Resource Centre, focussing on creating of a knowledge economy.

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