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Greenstat Hydrogen Sri Lanka Pvt Ltd design, develop, builds and operates facilities for green hydrogen production for all sectors.

Our Services

Hydrogen production for all sectors

Greenstat Hydrogen Sri Lanka is a leading advisor and active player in the green hydrogen (GH2) industry, offering a range of services and verticals to facilitate the transition to renewable energy. With unique expertise and capabilities, Greenstat is the preferred international partner for GH2 projects. Here are the key verticals and business units that define Greenstat’s core competencies:

1. Technical and Financial Feasibility

Greenstat specializes in conducting comprehensive technical and financial feasibility studies for green hydrogen and renewable energy projects. Their dedicated team of experts evaluates the viability of each project, considering its specific parameters, potential challenges, and overall prospects. By providing detailed feasibility assessments, Greenstat empowers stakeholders to make informed decisions and develop strategic plans.

2. Policy Advisory

Recognizing the pivotal role of policies and regulations in shaping the renewable energy landscape, Greenstat offers valuable policy advisory services. They assist clients in navigating the complex regulatory environment associated with GH2 and renewable energy projects. This includes understanding the implications of policies, ensuring regulatory compliance, and maximizing benefits from incentives and subsidies.

3. Owner and Operator of Infrastructure

Greenstat is not only an advisor but also actively involved as an owner and operator of hydrogen and renewable energy infrastructure. They take a vested interest in the success and sustainability of green energy projects. Greenstat ensures the smooth and efficient operation of each stage of the project lifecycle, including renewable energy generation, hydrogen production, storage, distribution, and end-use applications. They employ expert operational teams who enforce rigorous safety standards, adhering to both local and international regulations.

In addition to these verticals, Greenstat Hydrogen Sri Lanka has also established a Center of Excellence in Hydrogen. This center serves as a hub for sharing knowledge, expertise, and technology, aiming to build local capacities and promote the safe and secure scaling of renewable energy. By leveraging their experience and resources, Greenstat facilitates the transfer of renewable energy technologies and practices to drive sustainable development.

As a BOO (Build, Operate, Own) company, Greenstat Hydrogen Sri Lanka is actively involved in developing and owning hydrogen facilities, ensuring their efficient operation and promoting the adoption of green hydrogen as a sustainable energy solution.

Product and Service Offering:
Advisory Services for Hydrogen Infrastructure Development

At Greenstat Hydrogen Sri Lanka Pvt Ltd, we take pride in our comprehensive advisory services that cover the entire spectrum of hydrogen infrastructure development. Our team of experts possesses in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience in various aspects of the hydrogen value chain, enabling us to provide tailored solutions for your specific needs.

Whether you are exploring the implementation of electrolysis technologies, hydrogen storage, transportation, distribution, refueling, or seeking guidance on vendor selection, safety measures, economy, or project execution, we have you covered.

Electrolysis Technologies
  • Comparative analysis of Alkaline vs AEM, SOFC, PEM technologies
  • Utilities and consumption, including balance of plant considerations.
  • Cell stack degeneration . reliability, efficiency, management strategies
  • Layout and plot plan optimization for efficient implementation
Hydrogen Storage
  • Storage philosophies, exploring fixed vs mobile tanks (ISO containers)
  • Tailored storage solutions and optimal pressure selection, inclusive of compression
  • Capacity optimization for efficient storage
  • Layout and plot plan for seamless integration
Hydrogen Distribution
  • Evaluation of transportation equipment for safe and reliable distribution
  • Determining the appropriate transportation pressure for efficiency
  • Optimization of transport containers and distributed scenarios to minimize costs and maximize effectiveness
Hydrogen Refuling
  • Ensuring redundancy through the selection of main equipment
  • Design optimization of Hydrogen Refueling Stations (HRS) to meet refueling capacity demands
  • Layout and plot plan for smooth and streamlined refueling operations
  • Benefit from our extensive network and strong relationships with leading hydrogen technology suppliers
  • Gain access to insights and expertise from key personnel within these companies
  • Leverage our in-depth knowledge of technical safety and risk management in hydrogen infrastructure projects
  • Ensure that your project adheres to the highest safety standards and mitigates potential risks
  • Tap into our expertise in CAPEX and OPEX cost analysis for accurate financial planning
  • Utilize our well-developed calculation tools for production costs, sales prices, and sensitivity analysis to make informed decisions
  • Benefit from our proficiency in relevant work scopes and financial aspects of all phases of an EPCIC contract
  • Get expert guidance during project execution to ensure successful implementation

At Greenstat Hydrogen Sri Lanka Pvt Ltd, together with our global team we are committed to supporting your transition to renewable energy solutions with our advisory services. Let us be your preferred partner in driving the green hydrogen revolution and fostering a sustainable future for all.